Painting the Beach–One Stroke at a Time!

My name is Ryan Kimba and I am a beach artist who specializes in original palette knife paintings. My subject matter consists of tropical shorelines, waves, rocky coasts, and captivating sunsets.

So the golden question is…

Why do I paint only seascapes?

Well, an uninspired answer would be because I love the sea like most people do. But if I go deeper than that, I paint the sea because it’s where I feel like I belong. It is home to me. I am a Pisces and feel the magic of being on the shore. Every sound and sight inspires me to want to re-create it on a canvas. To translate it into something lasting.

And I strive to give each of my paintings that magic, a stunning peace and freedom that only the ocean can grant us.


The Crystal Tide“The Crystal Tide.” My new painting on canvas. 11×14″


I love to emphasize bold and lively colors in my work, rich textures, and calming, nostalgic scenes. That is what my new palette knife style is all about. If you haven’t read it yet, check out my last post on the “Top 5 Reasons to Try Painting with Palette Knives.” To view close-up images of my paintings, you can visit my Etsy shop at


I will be heading to Florida for Labor Day to visit family in Boynton Beach. It will be a much-needed dose of rest, relaxation, and inspiration. While on the beach I’ll be sure to take some photos of the waves and palms and create sketches to take home with me for reference. As a visual artist, it is imperative to record those moments so that you can draw on them later on when the inspiration strikes. It demonstrates that when you’re a professional artist the work never stops, even when you’re on vacation! Luckily for me, I absolutely LOVE what I do.

And I can’t wait to get back into the studio when I return! I’ll be sure to post some images of the trip in my next post. But until then, I wish you happy painting, drawing, sculpting, photographing, graphic designing, or whatever it is that you like to do to make the world a richer place. The world NEEDS artists.

Let’s give it some much-needed color!


Ryan Kimba